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Join Functional Nutritionist & Intuitive Nourishment Guide Venessa Rodriguez for a deep dive training focusing on the Wild Terrain of Gut Health and Digestive Wellness.

FEED YOUR WILD :: GUT is a virtual workshop designed to reclaim the wild resilience and robust health of our “second brain”... our gut terrain. 

For true health, you MUST tend to your “inner ecology” - your sacred internal garden that provides you with life.

You cannot separate yourself from nature - you ARE nature and you are only as healthy as your internal landscape, so feed your gut ecology what it needs to flourish and thrive!

The Problem: Your Gut is no longer “Wildly” Healthy

The health of the gut is implicated in every single system in the body. You cannot address any major health issues without looking at the gut. Unfortunately, we have been bombarded with assaults that weaken and deplete the health of our gut terrain...

Think of your gut as one big ecosystem. Your microflora controls digestion, metabolism, inflammation and your risk of cancer. They produce vitamins, nutrients and molecules that sustain your health through a symbiotic relationship with you. 

We are no longer nourishing our gut ecology with the ancestral “foods” and the environment it needs to flourish and thrive, and it’s leading to dysbiosis and disease... 

This workshop is designed to educate and give you practical tools to take back your health by re-aligning and restoring the true nature of your gut.


The reasons to join us at the FEED YOUR WILD GUT virtual workshop are as unique as each one of our participants. However, this workshop will benefit those of you having experiences + desires like these:

:: You have chronic digestive issues that are holding you back, such as IBS, SIBO, bloating/gas, leaky gut, GERD/acid reflux, IBD like Crohn's and colitis & are looking for deeper holistic support and answers and relief.

:: You've tried various therapies, treatments, diets, pills, and more on your own and are READY to take back ownership and power of your gut health + life.

:: You feel blocked, stuck, or imbalanced in the energetic realms of the gut: personal will and power, grounding and stability, trust, vitality and energy. 

:: You are being called to go DEEP with your soul journey and work on levels of mind, emotions, energy body, and soul related to your gut challenges. 

:: You desire to lead a healthy sustainable lifestyle that supports your highest vision for yourself by getting to the ROOT of your gut issues, using a balanced blend of science, natural therapies & intuitive + energetic approaches. 

:: You desire to breakthru the fatigue, blast the bloat, calm the pain and feel good in your body again so you have more energy and vibrancy to do the things you’ve been wanting to do and live your life to the fullest.



  • Guided meditation and journey through our gut ecology and the alchemy of digestion
  • Mapping the Sacred Ecology of your unique gut terrain, exploring the various components of gut health on a body, mind, energetic, and soul level


  • Common imbalances and weblike interconnections of physical symptoms and organ systems that are often overlooked in conventional medicine
  • Teachings on the Microflora and Microbiome based on the latest science including identifying the biggest culprits and pitfalls damaging this delicate ecosystem that is critical for health and how to support its balance and flourish the “right” ecology for you
  • Commonly overlooked issues including bacterial infection, viruses, parasites and toxic overload


  • How mental and emotional components impact gut health and what to do about them
  • Common energy + chakra imbalances leading to stagnation at energetic levels
  • Aspects of the Spiritual Stomach through the Andean Mystical lens and how to enhance natural regeneration and clearance through energetic practices and earth medicine working with Pachamama
  • Why working with the moon can amplify your results


  • The most toxic foods for your gut to eliminate and the most healing foods and herbs you can bring in right away
  • Specific tests that are best for identifying gut dysbiosis and “what’s going on in there” - these are not commonly used by your regular doctor 
  • The process and importance of “weeding & seeding” and “pruning & sprouting,” and the best times to do these
  • Specific steps you can take to begin restoring gut health working with the full moon.


  • Full access to the presentation slide deck & downloadable recordings
  • Guided meditation audio drum journey for clearing & cleansing energy body
  • Access to 10% off Individual 1:1 Soul Nutrition Session with Venessa for a customized approach
  • Access to my preferred list of supplements + botanicals with 10% off market pricing

How long will I have access to this workshop?

You will have access to all of the recorded workshop material for as long as it exists. Access to this virtual workshop does not expire.

Access at anytime that is convenient for you... All you need is your digital device, journal, pen and earphones.

Training Details

Duration: 3 hours

Where: Online, gain instant access upon purchase & learn from the comfort of your own home!


Feed Your Wild :: GUT :: Virtual Circle Workshop is a recording of a Live training and is available anytime.

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"I had suffered from chronic sores and hidradenitis for 15+ years, didn't have consistent energy, I had extreme physical pain much of the time due to food reactions. I didn't know what was safe to eat or how to consume sufficient nutrients because of all my food reactions. I was afraid that nothing could help me because I had already tried so many things and worked with many health professionals.

After working with you, my energy has increased and been much more consistent. I don't have so many negative reactions to food and when I do they're much less severe! I feel much more freedom to be active because I'm not in pain every day.

You're wonderful, hopeful, patient, knowledgeable, understanding, realistic, and a great listener. I've already been recommending your service because I believe you can help improve many more lives just like you helped me.

I feel much healthier & I've learned a lot about my body and what it needs.” ~ Rebecca Danae C., Chicago

“Venessa recently helped me tame a health issue I've struggled with for nearly 10 years. Not one doctor was able to help me in the way she did on a one-hour phone call! My Akashic reading experience with Venessa was amazing. She made me feel very comfortable. I immediately knew that I was in good hands and that she had only good intentions for me. The reading brought so much up for me, and even now, several months later, I'm still receiving from that experience. She even sent me additional readings that correlated with what was brought up and she provided me with some ideas for releasing and healing. Venessa is full of knowledge. It was a beautiful experience for me.”

~ Elaine Hoxie, Las Vegas

It's been a crazy health ride these past 6+ years and I'm optimistic that I'll be healthier than ever if I continue down this path. Thanks so much for all your support, expertise and guidance. I don't know what I would have done without you and Dr. S earlier this year. 

I can't thank you enough for helping me regain and improve my overall health!  I'm very optimistic that I'll be healthier than ever and set up for many, many more healthy years to come. 

P.S. The functional medicine nutritionists at Cleveland Clinic are nice but not near your level of expertise!” ~ VD

Functional Nutritionist | Intuitive Nourishment Guide

Venessa Rodriguez, MS

Venessa Rodriguez, M.S., C.H.C. is a functional nutritionist, intuitive nourishment guide and host of the Feed Your Wild Podcast. Her mission is to awaken the innate healing capacity of women struggling with chronic dis-ease, by reconnecting them to their own medicine and nature through food, spirit, and love. Venessa supports wild-hearted changemakers build physical health & vitality through her work combining the science + spirituality of food using a modern functional approach, intuitive guidance with Akashic Records, and ancestral nutrition + wisdom from earth-honoring traditions.Venessa holds a BA in International Studies from University of Chicago, a Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from University of Bridgeport, multiple nutrition coaching certifications, and has been trained in Akashic Records and Andean Mystical Traditions energy work. Venessa has also been a performance artist as a dancer and actor for over 20 years and loves to weave creativity and storytelling into her work.If you’re struggling with chronic dis-ease, listen to her free Sacred Ecology Activation Journey to help you uncover what’s been keeping you stuck in your health & life, and discover what “foods” to bring in right now for radical nourishment & clarity. Connect with Venessa on Instagram and at Wildly Rooted to receive daily nourishment for body, mind, and soul.

Course curriculum

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    Welcome to Feed Your Wild :: GUT ::

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    • Before you begin...

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    Feed Your Wild GUT Workshop Recording

    • READ FIRST :: Welcome + Introduction

    • Feed Your Wild GUT Video

    • Part I :: Intro + Body

    • Part II :: Energy + Soul

    • Part III :: Tools + Remedies

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    Resources + Downloads

    • Seasons of My Life :: Timeline

    • Feed Your Wild GUT Presentation Slides

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    • Wildly Rooted Energy Clearing Audio

    • Preferred List of Supplements + Botanicals

    • Personalized 1:1 Soul Nutrition Session with Venessa (10% off)